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What is it? What does it do?

We are excited to announce that Cardiac Trainers are now available for purchase at

This is a new training solution for learning essential skills in cardiothoracic surgery. Our goal five years ago was to create a system for practicing aortic and mitral valve replacement, cannulation, and aortic anastomosis which can be directly applied in the OR. Countless hours of refinement and a peer-reviewed article later, we are ready to present the Cardiac Trainers system developed at the Cleveland Clinic by Drs Gabriel Loor and Eric Roselli. Each kit comes with simulation materials needed for the exercises, a USB with high-resolution videos of Dr. Loor performing each exercise and talking through the steps, a debakey forceps and needle driver needed to complete the exercise as well as lighting.  Each model is built to recreate the physical constraints of operations in the chest based on clinical CT scans, 3D modeling and printing. We are excited to hear your feedback on the system. Please visit to learn more.  

Why is it better?

Cardiac Trainers have been designed to provide surgeons with hands on practice to develop their cardio-thoracic surgery skills. Each kit comes ready to use with a full set of consumable parts. Each kit also comes with access to a full set of instructional videos by Dr. Gabriel Loor providing instructions for how to best use the kits.

What is its current status?

Ready for purchase:  Please visit to learn more.

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