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Kelly Emerton, PhD

What is it? What does it do?

  • A vascular clamp used to compress tissues and create a circular, bloodless field around bleeding artery or vein.
  • Intended for use by surgeons & proceduralists.
  • No such instrument currently exists and techniques for control of bleeding vessels, particularly scarred and difficult to access areas result in significant blood loss and lost time.
  • Two variations: disposable & non-disposable

Why is it better?

  • No other similar product on market
  • Park clamp is single piece with bendable stem to adjust to different anatomies.
  • Allow for rapid control of bleeding of difficult to dissect, easily damaged, hard to access vessels such as lumbar veins, iliac veins, profunda femoral arteries and veins, mesenteric veins, mediastinal vessels.
  • Additional applications in laparoscopic surgery and MIDCAB with modifications

What is its current status?

Prototypes developed

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