Advanced NanoTherapies Inc.

Advanced NanoTherapies Inc. (AdvNanoT) aims to take Drug Coated Balloons (DCBs) to the next level with a safe therapeutic option for PAD patients using a drug called Sirolimus.

AdvNanoT is developing a novel Sirolimus-based medical device to treat atherosclerosis and blockage for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). We have designed, first, a DCB platform for PAD management delivering a therapeutic payload with an angioplasty balloon. AdvNanoT’s novel DCB applies to any stenosed artery with the need to remain open for an extended period. Due to the technically challenging requirements, our functionalized nanoparticle (f-NP) is the most comprehensive technology platform to achieve this goal.

AdvNanoT uses biodegradable functionalized nanoparticles (f-NP), a technology licensed from the Cleveland Clinic.


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