2020 Medical Innovation Summit

2020 Medical Innovation Summit

Cleveland Clinic’s 2020 Medical Innovation Summit (MIS2020) was its most relevant and accessible yet, delivering virtually a full day of complimentary content. With topics like healthcare investment, data privacy, digital health integration, rapid pharmaceutical development and more, MIS2020 held conversations most requested by healthcare innovators, and those required to understand the necessity of innovation to achieve superior care for patients worldwide. The Summit’s emphasis on digital transformation brought powerful conversations as they relate to the weight and possibility that distance health initiatives carry. Its integration of perspectives in light of COVID-19 made the event a requirement for those looking to understand the current healthcare landscape.

With its virtual delivery, the Summit distributed content to its 3,651 attendees in 44 states and 57 countries. With more than 800 messages sent in the “Community” as part of MIS2020’s virtual networking, the Summit forged relationships between attendees in light of its virtual format.

3,650+ Attendees | 44 States | 57 Countries

The event’s lineup of more than 60 speakers hailed from every corner of the health ecosystem, providing diverse perspectives. The roster included two dozen Cleveland Clinic experts of varied specialties from across the enterprise – including Cleveland Clinic London and Cleveland Clinic Florida.
  • "I think we've seen time after time that it's risky to go slow. This is the moment. The technology is here."  –Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle
  • "There is great opportunity [in healthcare]. We need to make sure we resist the urge to go backward." –Steve Glass, Chief Financial Officer, Cleveland Clinic
  • "No one company is going to solve all of these issues. There's so much innovation and opportunity to dramatically improve health...but we're going to need to work across organizations and partnerships to deliver on these opportunities and creat this value proposition." –Paul Muret, VP Product & Engineering,  Google
Its annual release of the Top 10 Medical Innovations, as predicted by in house health professionals, captured international audiences. 

Learn more about the Medical Innovation Summit and download the event's sponsorship prospectus here. 

Save the Date for MIS2021 – Tuesday, October 11-12.

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