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Innovations works to elevate technologies in four areas: Medical Device, Life Science, Delivery Solutions, and Health Information Technology. In these teams, our innovation managers and product development specialists are able to bring highly particular skills and experiences to the table. Still, these domains work together, in conjunction with market analytics, for the development well-rounded technologies. Deployed via our process, these teams ensure the most promising inventions are positioned to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

How to Engage

If you are a Cleveland Clinic caregiver looking to learn more about what Innovations can do for you and your research, please visit our Inventor Toolkit (must be on Cleveland Clinic network to access Toolkit). Ready to submit your idea? Use the Toolkit to download our IDF today. 

Technology Catalog

Our pipeline is always full of game-changing solutions. Are you in the market for innovative healthcare technology ripe for further development? View our technology catalog here and contact the leading staff member for more information!

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