Announcing Avaneer Health

Announcing Avaneer Health

Avaneer Health, a new healthcare technology company founded by Cleveland Clinic, IBM, Aetna, Anthem, Health Care Service Corporation, PNC and Sentara Healthcare, has launched. The aim of Avaneer Health is to make healthcare more efficient through a member-based network utilizing distributed ledger technology – securing data and privacy, as well as lowering administrative costs. The company’s vision of productivity and inclusivity aims to unlock the full potential of the healthcare field and power the next generation of care experience.

Avaneer Health grew out of the Health Utility Network (HUN), a consortium of leading companies serving the healthcare industry. The venture will allow for improved experience through the removal of administrative barriers and inefficiencies during cross-party healthcare transactions. Avaneer is to be led by Stuart Hanson, former Managing Director of Healthcare Solutions at JPMorgan Chase. Hanson, an innovation guru who has proven his ingenuity and leadership time and again, will be the Chief Executive Officer, effective August 2021.

Avaneer’s focus is on transparency and security for all of its members– making it easier to navigate through the hard decisions and eliminate the burdens that can stem from regulation, heavy competition and privacy protections. With their breakthrough technology and infrastructure, Avaneer creates a robust healthcare marketplace, reinforces people’s expectations of healthcare, and enables the delivery of outstanding care and service to people.

“It’s been a thoughtful journey to this point,” said Sonja O’Malley, Senior Director, Cleveland Clinic Innovations. “This is just the beginning. With the guidance of founding member industry powerhouses, Avaneer Health is poised for success. We are eager to deliver on Avaneer’s mission of meaningful change in the healthcare industry and positive impact for our patients.” Read more about the founding of Avaneer Health, here.

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